All of your Animal Product Needs in One Place Located in Burlington Vermont, we specialize in producing & packaging premium quality extruded products for dogs and cats. Our Product Development team is available to help you bring your new product ideas to market with an emphasis on safety & quality. We are pleased to offer… Continue Reading

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Powders Manufacturing for Animal Products

Finding the right team to handle powders manufacturing for animal products is one of the biggest decisions you will need to make through the development of your next product. If you are like many of today’s new companies or product developers, there may not be a more important step in the process of getting your… Continue Reading

National Animal Supplement Council

What do you know about the National Animal Supplement Council? If you are a product developer or owner, or you are looking to get your new idea launched by an animal product manufacturer, you need to learn more about this company, the standards it sets, and how it will play a role in the success… Continue Reading

Product Development for Animal Products

There is a great deal that goes into the process of developing an animal product. Perhaps you have created a unique recipe for a dog chew. You may have created a product you know pets like your own will appreciate and perhaps it is even good for them. When choosing a company to help you… Continue Reading

Pet Food Contract Manufacturers

Key factors to consider when hiring pet food contract manufacturers for your product may be more extensive than you realize. Today’s pet food industry exceeds $24 billion in the United States alone. And, now that e-commerce has made this a global economy, the amount of money present in this industry globally is astounding. But, even… Continue Reading

Contract Manufacturing for Animal Products

When it comes to manufacturing animal products, today’s consumer is more experienced and more interested in the process than ever before. If your company is looking for contract manufacturing for products, and you hope to hit the market with an exceptional product at the right price, it’s important to choose carefully. Times have changed significantly… Continue Reading